Klymit Sleeping System Review

Sam Richards — 11 July 2019
Outdoor's take on the KSB 20 Down Sleeping Bag, V Lite Sleeping Pad and Luxe Pillow by Klymit.

On a recent trip, we set up on the summit of a mountain. We weren't sure if there'd be flat ground up there, but were pleasantly surprised to find a nice flat patch upon arrival.

I had along with me a new Klymit sleeping system and it set up with ease. The sleeping pad and pillow require you to breathe through nozzles, and then lock them off at your desired inflation level. The soft, incorporated pillowcase and two slight pillow grooves ensured I was comfortable. The sleeping mat was surprisingly soft, and I didn’t notice any coolness seeping up from underneath. 

The down sleeping bag itself did an awesome job of keeping the cold out. You can tighten the mummy hood and draft collar to keep heat enclosed; plus flex baffles down the bag’s length help to compress it against your body for max heat. The internal material is the same as the external, and the bag takes in a bit of air for insulation, which I’m not used to, but didn’t mind. I also rated the freedom of my arms at the top of the tapered bag. 

The comfort was rounded out by the ease of packdown and slightly oversized cases. The sleeping bag weighs 1.25kg, the mat 556g, and the pillow 181g. All are small, and could not be lighter or smaller without unappetising compromises. By using this system, I shed a few hundred grams off; my hiking pack felt much lighter for it.

KSB 20 Down Sleeping Bag. RRP: $419.99

Insulated Static V Lite Sleeping Pad. RRP: $189.99

Luxe Pillow. RRP: $79.99


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