Osprey Mutant 22 Backpack Review

Aaron Flanagan — 10 March 2019
Outdoor's take on this easy access big gulp daypack.

The Osprey Mutant 22 daypack is a top loading no-nonsense bag designed to enable quick access to gear inside. In my view, this is exactly want a daypack should do. Of course it’s beautifully made, with top-notch zippers and materials, but its the easy-access design that stands out.

If you’re like me, the basis of packing for a small trip is a mental summary of what should go at the bottom and what on top. Sleeping stuff that I imagine I’ll not need til later goes in first, stuff I’m likely to want midway through the day in the middle and stuff that I’ll be fishing in and out regularly, with a movement akin to a fiddler’s elbow, goes in last. That’s my usual plan, anyway.

The Osprey Mutant 22's big gulp-style top is so cavernous and accommodating that the inevitable mistake in packing order can be easily negotiated. I was able to get my whole arm right into the bottom and, fishing around for a tube of lip-balm, retrieve it in seconds. Pretty damn good.

RRP: $129.95


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