Georges Junction, NSW: Destination Review

Staff — 28 August 2017

Read on to discover the best things to see and do in Georges Junction or find and book accommodation in Georges Junction today.


Located by the stunning Oxley Wild Rivers National Park at the base of the Great Dividing Range, Georges Junction is a secluded and peaceful getaway on the banks of Georges Creek and the Macleay River. This beautiful spot is a camping haven, and offers a unique and picturesque place in which to unwind and rejuvenate.


Fishing is a hot topic around these parts. There’s actually a bass lodge across the road that provides cabins if you’re not fussed on having an authentic camp experience.

If you’ve got a canoe, bring it! This place is particularly impressive when the water levels are up. In fact, being on the cusp of the Great Dividing Range means you’ll come across some stunning views of rock walls and mountain ranges as you get further upstream. 

If walking tracks are more your thing, this place will impress. Parts of the region are actually included in the Bicentennial National Trail, which is a staggering 5330km long and stretches from Cooktown right down to Healesville in the south.

If you’re not really keen on physical exercise, there’s plenty of vehicle-based stuff to do in the area as well, starting with a stop at the famous Taylors Arms Hotel (The Pub with No Beer)! It’s back past Bellbrook, but works well if you are heading out at any stage. You’ve also got the Waterfall Way taking in some dramatic sights – certainly not to be missed.


1. Green Gully Track

For experienced hikers, the Green Gully Track is an absolute must. This four-day/65km track comes complete with spectacular views, crystal clear mountain streams and restored stockman huts along the way.

2. Youdales Hut and Stockyards

This historic site sits within the World Heritage-listed Kunderang wilderness and offers a glimpse into early settler life. You’ll need to grab a key from the Walcha NPWS.

3. Bellbrook Hotel

Built in 1913, this historic building is well worth a stopover on your way to Georges Junction, not least due to their top notch counter lunch.


The Georges Junction is about 147km south east of Armidale, NSW. From Armidale, head east along the beautiful Waterfall Way.


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