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Australia's North Coast by Catamaran

A family of three sails 2,600km from Cairns to Darwin, drifting between unpopulated islands, tackling cyclonic seas, meeting local characters, and sharing the waters with awe-inspiring creatures.

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PICTURE CREDIT: Chris Burkard/Red Bull Content Pool

Winter Adaptations: How our Bodies Change in Cold Weather

If we spend a lot of time in low temperatures, do our bodies change to help us cope? Or do we just ‘get used to it’?

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Sealing a Tent

DIY Seam Sealing a Tent

Don't let a leaky tent ruin your camping experience.

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Duffle Bag, Sea to Summit

Gear Review: Sea to Summit Nomad Duffle Bag

The Duffle Bag has a long standing reputation for being the adventurer's first choice in luggage.

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10 Best Kayak Day Trips in Australia

Planning a lazy paddle around a beautiful scene? Then check out our top 10 kayak day trips.

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Outdoor finds new Places to Go

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Exploring Tasmania's Tarkine on Foot

For those yearning to escape the rat race and delve headlong into nature, this summer there’s a new route to consider. A brand new course through the pristine takayna/Tarkine in Tasmania’s north west.

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