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Australia's North Coast by Catamaran

A family of three sails 2,600km from Cairns to Darwin, drifting between unpopulated islands, tackling cyclonic seas, meeting local characters, and sharing the waters with awe-inspiring creatures.

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Exploring a snowy forest. Picture Credit: Andrew Bain.

Tasmania: Life on a Grand Scale

Tasmania doesn’t do things in half-measures. On this island with big aspirations, experiences and landscapes are amplified tenfold.

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Pinnacle Rock (Credit: guenterguni/Getty Images)

The Glorious Galapagos Islands

Evolution may now be decoded, but the allure of the Galapagos Islands remains. The natural wonders which amazed Darwin live on, as bountiful as ever.

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In Ikara: Hiking the Flinders Ranges

Two brothers take an epic hiking trip through the red heart of the South Australian outback.

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Enter Sandalman: Chacos Z/2 Sandals Review

Arch support, breathing space and a one strap design make Chacos the middle ground solution between shoes and thongs.

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Paddling in the Wake of a Legend

Paddling from Europe to Australia long enough for you? We talk to Sandy Robson about exploration, her 23,000 kilometre trip and its inspiration: Oskar Speck.

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Sealing a Tent

DIY Seam Sealing a Tent

Don't let a leaky tent ruin your camping experience.

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Steri-PEN Pure+

Gear Review: SteriPEN Pure+

Avoid tummy troubles from drinking unsanitised water with this handy little gadget.

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Outdoor finds new Places to Go

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Exploring Tasmania's Tarkine on Foot

For those yearning to escape the rat race and delve headlong into nature, this summer there’s a new route to consider. A brand new course through the pristine takayna/Tarkine in Tasmania’s north west.

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