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Lucy Clark: Running the 3000km Te Araroa Trail

In November 2019, 34-year-old Bright local, Lucy Clark, started running more than a marathon per day for 70 days straight. She intends to traverse the full 3000 kilometre length of New Zealand’s famed Te Araroa trail faster than any woman has done before.

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Running into the night. CREDIT: kieferpix/Getty Images

Why is Ultra Running so Popular?

Outdoor unravels the appeal of this booming adventure sport.

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Behind the Brand: One Planet

Outdoor recently took a trip to One Planet's Victorian factory to take a look at their style and discover their philosophy.

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Sean Conway in action

To prepare or to wing it?

We talk to four seasoned explorers to discover just how much homework you should put in before setting off on a large outdoor escapade.

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Kate Leeming Cycles the Indian Himalaya

Kate challenges her mind and body at high altitudes, all the while bringing electricity to remote villages.

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Roman Hofmann, Double Adapter (31) at Gateway, Blue Mountains

The Personality of a Rock Climber

Monique Forestier ponders her past in an effort to understand why she's dedicated herself to a life of climbing.

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The Making of an Adventurer

What motivates people to commit their lives to grand-scale achievements in the outdoors?

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Paddling in the Wake of a Legend

Paddling from Europe to Australia long enough for you? We talk to Sandy Robson about exploration, her 23,000 kilometre trip and its inspiration: Oskar Speck.

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Profile: Kate Leeming

One of Australia's greatest contemporary explorers, Kate Leeming, discusses what motivates her ongoing quest to break new ground.

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Andrea Hah: from Gymnast to Rockclimber

Ten years as a gymnast made Andrea Hah strong and determined. Now, when she puts this kind of determination into rock climbing, she sets records.

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Outdoor finds new Places to Go

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Exploring Tasmania's Tarkine on Foot

For those yearning to escape the rat race and delve headlong into nature, this summer there’s a new route to consider. A brand new course through the pristine takayna/Tarkine in Tasmania’s north west.

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