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Lucy Clark: Running the 3000km Te Araroa Trail

In November 2019, 34-year-old Bright local, Lucy Clark, started running more than a marathon per day for 70 days straight. She intends to traverse the full 3000 kilometre length of New Zealand’s famed Te Araroa trail faster than any woman has done before.

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The mighty Franklin, for which World Expeditions pioneered rafting tours

Powerful Stride, Small Footprint

In 2020, World Expeditions will celebrate 45 years of providing sustainable adventure experiences around the world. In our age of increasing urbanisation, environmental destruction and loss of adventurous opportunity, the company remains true to their founding philosophy of blending genuine life-changing adventure in stunning destinations with proactive preservation of the people, animals and environments that make those destinations so special in the first place.

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Running into the night. CREDIT: kieferpix/Getty Images

Why is Ultra Running so Popular?

Outdoor unravels the appeal of this booming adventure sport.

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MTB on Mission Beach. PICTURE CREDIT: Tourism Tropical North Queensland

Best Places to Bikepack in Each State

Outdoor brings you the best bikepacking destination from each state around Australia. A couple of these might be contentious...

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Quiraing, Isle of Skye, Scotland. PICTURE CREDIT: Harald Schmidt/Getty Images

What makes a National Park a National Park?

Not all countries are on the same page. Scotland, for example, allows certain environmentally destructive practices to take place within these treasured areas.

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Power to the Planet at Pinetrees

Lord Howe Island’s Pinetrees Lodge is restoring endangered forest, converting its electricity to solar and installing a half-million dollar waste water system, making it the perfect place for adventurers to tread lightly and minimise their footprint.

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PICTURE CREDIT: Chris Burkard/Red Bull Content Pool

Winter Adaptations: How our Bodies Change in Cold Weather

If we spend a lot of time in low temperatures, do our bodies change to help us cope? Or do we just ‘get used to it’?

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Barne Glacier. PICTURE CREDIT: Trip photographer Herbert Ponting

Not Quite the World’s Worst Journey

Struggling with winter conditions? It could be worse. You could be lugging a sled over crevasses in pitch darkness, in negative 50 degrees.

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PICTURE CREDIT: ahei/Getty Images

Finding Adventure in the Everyday

Drawing on a lifetime of travel, Hari Raj reflects on the nature of adventure, finding that it can be as big or as small, as crazy or as tame, as far-reaching or as insular, as you want it to be.

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PICTURE CREDIT: Dean Treml/Red Bull Content Pool

The Chemistry of Thrill Seeking

Some high-sensation seekers crave ever more exotic, intense experiences — even when physical or social risks are involved. Outdoor investigates the science behind it.

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Outdoor finds new Places to Go

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Exploring Tasmania's Tarkine on Foot

For those yearning to escape the rat race and delve headlong into nature, this summer there’s a new route to consider. A brand new course through the pristine takayna/Tarkine in Tasmania’s north west.

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