The Sound and the Furrion

Outdoor Staff — 1 January 2019
The Sound and the Furrion

Some might call adventurers dreamers. Some might say they are more focused on a vision of what they want to achieve, rather than on strict, dogmatic realism, and practical constraints. But it’s this dreaminess, this willingness to start with the idea and then make it possible, whatever the challenges, we have to thank for the stunning outdoor escapades depicted in the history books. 

That said, to dismiss adventurers as impractical would be ridiculous – think of the pragmatic, logistical steps they take to make their vision a reality. Part of this process is finding the products and gear to empower our journeys, and to this end, it’s important to find manufacturers with a philosophy that aligns with your own. 

When it comes to the tech that empowers your journey, Furrion is one such manufacturer. The engineers, designers and tech-whizzes who develop Furrion’s range have exploration, that is exploration off the beaten path and away from power sources, in mind. Not only that, they have a vision to help accelerate the world’s transition to more sustainable energy sources; they aim towards net positive carbon emissions and zero waste by 2022. Thus, their product range is engineered to both enable your adventures out into our natural world, and to, at the same time, preserve that natural world thus ventured into. Gone is that ancient moral dilemma of whether to power a journey into nature while at the same time destroying, directly or indirectly, that nature, or to not go out at all.

Take, for example, Furrion’s ePod Battery Cell, a product due to arrive on shelves in 2019. This energy station is designed to store power, thus giving it the ability to power your electronics – camera, phone, et cetera – when you are away from anywhere to plug into. Diversity wins the day with 12V, 110V and USB outputs. Behind it all is lithium cell tech, 400 watts worth. That can charge your phone over 20 times and keep an LED light going for 100 hours. An awesome feature is the ePod’s ability to charge using a solar panel, thus giving you an endless fount of energy that costs the world nothing. You can pick up these panels from Furrion, too.


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